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Our trained professionals have years of experience of work in different fields. They will guide you effectively in your daily activities

Financial Consulting​

  • Preparation of year-end (and other) financial reports for submitting into various institutions;
  • Preparation of long-term and short-term budgets;
  • Preparation of company’s financial analysis;
  • Providing relevant advise for obtaining company’s goals;
  • Advising companies in development of their optimal and correct standards;

Legal Consulting

  • Corporate & Business Law;
  • Common Law‎;
  • Property & Construction Law;
  • Labor Law;
  • State procurement;

Tax Advisory

  • Advisory on Tax Compliance;
  • Assistance during tax audits;
  • Assistance during tax dispute resolutions;

Accounting Outsourcing

  • Recording of transactions on accounting software;
  • Accounting for payroll, Business travels, Fuel write-offs, etc;
  • Daily consultation in financial or tax matters;
  • Preparation of monthly and annual tax return documents;
  • Recording of transactions of previous periods, and assessment of their compliance with financial and taxation standards and laws;

Business Management

  • Acting as representative before other entities;
  • Providing advises on management of company’s daily activities;
  • Development and implementation of risk management and other standards;
  • Assistance in compliance with industry specific regulations;
  • Assistance in networking and finding of strategic partners;

Customs Clearance & Brokerage

  • Assistance in preparation of documents;
  • Representation before customs services;
  • Customs clearance consulting;
  • Customs clearance;