Who We Are? & why you should choose us?

Who We Are?

BCI Georgia – is a consulting company located in Batumi, Georgia.

Our company is providing variety of services designed to help clients effectively and efficiently manage their business. We will help you to handle your routine activities, so that you have more time to think globally, reach new milestones and achieve higher goals.


Share our experience and our network

Our company is complete with trained professionals, with years of experience in various fields. Our employees will give you industry specific advises and provide accurate guidance. By working with us, you will gain access to our network, that will provide you with valuable partners and help you in further development and expansion of your business.

Our Core Values

BCI Georgia seeks to build strong and long lasting future with our clients. Your success is our success !!!

  • We are committed to help our clients in every way possible
  • We work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of our customers and to help us all to win
  • We value quality and integrity and loyalty above all