Government Incentives & Financing

Georgia plans to interest foreign and local entrepreneurs and investors in establishment of new enterprises and supporting the expansion of existing operations by introducing several government and local funds, as well as government incentive programs.

Government Funds

One of the sources of obtaining funds in Georgia is The Partnership Fund (PF), which is Georgia’s state-owned investment fund that, together with the private sector, invests in commercially viable projects.

PF’s mission is to support investors by providing different financial instruments, share project related risks with investors and Explore and promote new investment opportunities. PF supports and finances projects in sectors of energy, manufacturing, logistics, real estate and tourism and agribusiness.

JSC “Georgian Energy Development Fund” is 100% state owned organisation. It’s mission is to promote realization of country’s energy potential, retrieval of appropriate funds, by developing projects and their effective implementation.

Government Incentives

Another way for government to promote promote an entrepreneurial culture throughout the country is by introducing programs such as Produce in Georgia which grants companies interest rate co-financing on the loan or the leasing subject for the first two years, as well as loan security provision – up to 70% of the loan amount with the maximum term of the guarantee – 1O years, provided that the goods are manufactured/produced in Georgia.

Variation of Produce in Georgia is Host in Georgia, an incentive program which offers similar benefits as Produce in Georgia but targets and supports local hotel Industry, in order to facilitate the development of regional tourism in Georgia.

Agricultural Projects Management Agency (APMA) was established to implement large-scale projects to facilitate further development of the agriculture sector. The aim of the Agency is to create an environment that will contribute to the increased competitiveness, higher and sustainable production of high-quality goods and introduction of the international food safety standards in agriculture sector, by offering Preferential Accredited and Agroinsurance Program as well as other financing programs.

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