Georgia Ranks 7th in the World for Ease of Doing Business, says Latest World Bank Study

The Doing Business project provides objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement across 190 economies and selected cities at the sub-national and regional level. In it’s 2020 report, The Doing Business gave Georgia rank 7 for Ease of Doing Business.

For starting a business Georgia leads alongside with New Zealand in having the lowest number of procedures required (1). The same applies for the number of procedures necessary for registering property, wherein Georgia shares the 1st place with Norway and Portugal, while also being number 1, alongside Qatar, for the least time required for said procedure.

Furthermore, the report points to Georgia as the economy establishing best regulatory performance on a number of the indicators it measures, including number of procedures to start a business, number of procedures and time required to register property and others. The very strong ranking reflects the country’s continued efforts, including being one of only five countries globally to have been featured on the list of top 10 improvers over three consecutive cycles.

The region implemented the most reforms world-wide in the areas of paying taxes, as 22 economies in the region now allow electronic filing of taxes and enforcing contracts. The region stands out with the most efficient commercial judicial system, as well as the ease of registering property.

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