About Georgia

For centuries, Georgia’s location along the Silk Road, and other heavily traveled trading routes between Europe and Asia, has provided an undeniable economic advantage.

Why should one start business in Georgia ?!

Whether your industry of interest is tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, real estate, outsourcing or some other field, there are many ways to make smart and easy business in Georgia. This country provides lots of opportunities for everyone, and has many advantages for starting or outsourcing successful business.

Government Incentives & Financing

Georgia plans to interest foreign and local entrepreneurs and investors in establishment of new enterprises and supporting the expansion of existing operations by introducing several government and local funds, as well as government incentive programs.

Georgian Banking

Banks in Georgia are very reliable and operate on international level. Georgian banks are among the pioneers worldwide in implementing newest elements of digital banking, such as internet and mobile banking, both are very easy to use. It takes only 20 minutes to open bank account in any of Georgia’s banks and it takes as little as $10.